The cold temperatures are gone, for real

Mar 23, 2012

It's true, says KPLU weather expert Cliff Mass, of the University of Washington. It will feel like spring from here on out.

We had clear skies starting this morning, and temperatures will approach 60 on Saturday, says Mass. Expect a few clouds on Sunday, but still a pleasant day.

In other words, much more normal next week, and beyond:

"It really looks like the pattern has changed .... We won't be dry. We'll get showers once in a while, but it looks like temperatures will typically get into the lower to mid 50s and the lows in the 40s."

Compare that with snow showers nearly every day, somewhere in western Washington.

"The last few weeks have been extraordinary," he says.

It's fortunate timing, with no storms brewing over the Pacific, because a crucial weather satellite is malfunctioning. The GOES-West satellite that allows for accurate forecasting of the entire Pacific Coast was in serious trouble this week, as Mass describes on his blog.

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