Close Margin Expected in Washington Senate race

Nov 2, 2010

Election lawyers are on stand-by in Washington in the event of a super-close U-S Senate race. Polls show Republican challenger Dino Rossi neck-and-neck with incumbent Democrat Patty Murray.

Rossi knows a thing or two about close elections. He was the Republican candidate in 2004 when Washington’s gubernatorial race ended up in court. He ultimately lost by a mere 133-votes after an election contest trial. Rossi clearly hopes the lawyers aren’t needed like they were in 2004.

“Well hopefully not. Hopefully it will be a little more separation than something that can be manipulated away," Rossi said on election eve.

Rossi was attending a day-before-Election-Day rally in Puyallup. He told a supporter that the people at this one rally could decide a close election.

Veteran Democrat Patty Murray has been campaigning against a national Republican wave. She too acknowledges it could be a squeaker.

“I look at this election and say where else can I go today and who else can I talk to make sure that we do win on November 2nd,” said Murray, a three-term incumbent.

The website Real Clear Politics did an average of all the polls, and it shows Murray has a razor thin advantage of three-tenths-of-one-percent in the race.