City Attorney: Number of Allowed Pot Stores Must Meet Demand

Oct 4, 2013

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes says he’s concerned the city may not have enough marijuana stores to meet demand when they open next year under Initiative 502. 

Holmes is concerned if there aren’t enough stores, people will buy their drugs out on the street. Seattle is set to have 21 pot stores when the rules go into effect.

“If it becomes clear that the 21 stores isn’t enough for Seattle’s demand, it’s our preference that more licenses be issued sooner rather than later so that we don’t allow the black market to continue to exist after the stores are opened,” said John Schochet, the city attorney’s deputy chief of staff.

The city attorney sent a letter to the Washington State Liquor Control Board urging the board to monitor supply and demand, and boost the number of stores if needed. The board will hold a public hearing in Seattle Tuesday night on the proposed rules on how pot will be grown and sold in the state.

Last November, Washington and Colorado became the first states in the country to pass laws legalizing recreational pot. Colorado is set to start taking applications for retail marijuana stores next week. Washington will start accepting applications next month.