Burgess exits Seattle mayoral race

May 17, 2013

Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess has bowed out of the mayoral race.

Burgess said recent polling showed his campaign lacked the sparkle he needed to win, and he posed a risk of splintering the vote in the crowded race.

“Politics are campaigns are about winning. And if you see that it’s very unlikely that you’re going to win, I’m not sure it’s very prudent to keep going. And that was our assessment,” he said. “I’m going to step aside, and I’m very confident that some of the other candidates are going to do quite well."

Burgess was one of several high-profile candidates seeking to oust incumbent Mike McGinn as leader of the state's largest city. Among the other people running for mayor are state Sen. Ed Murray, city council member Bruce Harrell, former city council member Peter Steinbrueck and businessman Charlie Staadecker.

Burgess has not publicly endorsed any of the candidates.

He had topped other candidates in fundraising with more than $230,000 campaign contributions, which will be returned to the donors.

Burgess said he will continue to serve on the city council.