Bavarian themed hip-hop video boosts Leavenworth tourism

Dec 15, 2010

Tourism promoters in Leavenworth say they have a hit with a sexy YouTube video showing dancing girls, a Nutracker figure and scenes from the Bavarian-themed North Cascades town.

The Wenatchee World reports the hip-hop spoof cost the Leavenworth Area Promotions board $11,000, and it has already been viewed nearly 85,000 times as of Wednesday:

The "Gitcha Goomsba Up" music video was produced by Wenatchee's Howell at the Moon Productions.  Producers say this will be the only video with a hip-hop theme.


Reaction Mixed, but Mainly Positive

Leavenworth mayor Rob Eaton says he has heard some complaints from people asking why the city is being portrayed like a spring break destination.

“We have received some comments via e-mail asking why are we advertising to a hip-hop crowd,” Leavenworth Mayor Rob Eaton said. “But we’re not advertising to a hip hop crowd, it was a spoof video to have some fun and play with it.”

The World reports local business owners have varying opinions on the hip-hop theme:

Pat Rutledge, owner of A Book for All Seasons, said the video made her smile. “I understand it doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I don’t think it’s going to have a negative effect on Leavenworth,” she said.

Sally Hendrickson, who owns Sandy's Waffle and Dinner Haus, says she has a lot of friends who hate the video:

"...but if it’s going to get that many hits, I’m all for it,” she said.

Leavenworth businesses count on holiday season retail sales to keep businesses thriving until the summer season.