Another Year, Another Line-Up For The Army's 5 Man Trio

Sep 20, 2016

The 56th Army Band's jazz group visited our studios for a second time, but with the constant turnover in the military, only bass player Sgt. Nicholas Cressotti remained from the first group. This 5 Man Trio, a name further noting their ever-shifting personnel, brought a fresh look and a fresh sound with them. They talked about the Army's recent emphasis on performance for their musicians, and with Spc. Jessica Hall's magnetic vocal presence pushed to the fore, the 5 Man Trio were here to entertain.

Though the band says classics like, "In the Mood" still have their place at Army Band jazz concerts, we heard smartly-arranged pop jazz covers of Madonna and Journey before the septet launched into a cool original tune called "Beara Boo" written by their leader, pianist and Sgt. 1st Class Joshua DiStefano.