Up, up and away: Airplane!

Mar 3, 2011

Flight has always inspired humans, from the days when Icarus flew his wax and feather contraption too close to the sun. An accident like his could never happen today. We have learned too much about the mechanics of flight, and Strategic Air Command would have vaporized him once he left controlled airspace.

Icarus could never have imagined that his dream of flight would be an inspiration to anyone who has ever tied 75 helium balloons to a lawn chair.

And who among us has not marveled at the wonder and beauty of flying, and the technological advances that have made it as safe as a walk in the park? (Okay, bad example, parks aren’t that safe…safe as taking candy from a baby, a really little baby.)

And once airborne, all the cares of the earthbound world are forgotten—the long lines, the bag check fees, the full body grope. The joys of flight beckon—finding space in the overhead bins, wedging yourself into an ever-shrinking seat, making your connection at O’hare.



A) Which of the following are principles of aerodynamics?

  1. The Bernoulli Principle
  2. The Peter Principle
  3. The Peter Pan Principle
  4. The Frying Pan Principle

B) Speaking of Peter Pan, how was he able to fly?

  1. Fairy Dust
  2. Happy Thoughts
  3. The Bernoulli Principle
  4. More Fairy Dust

C) Your pilot and copilot have collapsed, and you have been asked to fly the jetliner. What methods should you employ to land safely?

  1. Happy Thoughts and Fairy Dust
  2. Talk gently to the airplane and make it trust you
  3. Send for flying reindeer
  4. More Happy Thought and Fairy Dust


Answers below....



A  -  (1)

B  - (1, 2 & 4)

C  -  (1 & 4)