Aging ... time marches on in song

Apr 19, 2012

Aging is a high price to pay for maturity. But, getting old seems to be the only way to live a long time. One advantage of being old … you’ve already learned everything the hard way.

Peter Pan has figured out how to stay young forever, but apparently it involves “fairy dust”. Here’s the always-perky Cathy Rigby in her post Olympic career with the anti-aging classic “I Won’t Grow Up”:

For the record, Chuck Berry was 33 years old when he wrote “Almost Grown” in 1959. At 85 Chuck still hasn’t grown up, and neither has his pal Keith Richards. Here they are performing the tune live:

Being 64 years old was unimaginable back in the days when you couldn’t trust anyone over 30. The Beatles give aging a psychedelic spin in this segment from Yellow Submarine:

Going beyond psychedelic is this 1970 spoken-word piece from William Shatner. “It Was A Very Good Year” has never sounded so bizarre, and never will again: