After teacher strike, Tacoma School Board moves to back Santorno

Oct 14, 2011

The Tacoma school board has given a vote of confidence to Deputy Superintendent Carla Santorno. They’ve approved a plan to appoint her to two temporary posts as interim superintendant. That puts her in a strong position to take on that role permanently a year and a half from now.

According to staff writer Debbie Caffazzo with the News Tribune, supporters said Santorno would provide continuity for the district, which has endured a tumultuous year of budget cuts, school closures, school reform efforts and an eight-day teacher strike that ended Sept. 23.  

Caffazo writes that Santorno wants to listen to concerns from both the community and from district teachers, who she promised to support.

"Santorno thanked the board for their confidence in her. She said she knows it was a difficult decision, and she’s aware that there was “pushback” from the community. She said the public comments opposing the plan “has given me pause, and helped me look at this opportunity more closely.”

The plan also appoints current Superintendent Art Jarvis, who is retiring in June, to act as the school district’s advocate in Olympia early next year. Board members said they believe Jarvis’ many years of experience and financial expertise will serve Tacoma well in the upcoming legislative session, where education funding will once again be on the chopping block.