6 troopers injured in demonstration at state Capitol

Nov 29, 2011

OLYMPIA, Wash. — After compiling reports on Monday night's demonstration at the Capitol in Olympia, the Washington State Patrol says a total of six troopers were injured in clashes with protesters, five more than first reported.

The patrol says two were bitten and the other four others had bumps and bruises. In addition another state worker caught in a violent push had bruised ribs and minor facial injuries.

The patrol estimated costs at $96,000 — $76,000 in straight time, $12,000 in overtime and $8,200 in travel costs for troopers from outside Olympia.

Troopers arrested four people on charges including disorderly conduct and felony assault. They used Tasers on three people and issued 30 trespassing citations.

Demonstrators opposing spending cuts and demanding higher taxes on the wealthy said they'd be back.