The 5 Most-Read Stories of 2013

Dec 28, 2013

Another year's gone, seemingly in a blink.

Here's a look back at the year in five clicks, namely the five most-read stories of 2013. 

5. Mystery Man Revealed: The Daredevil Behind The Lens

Credit Courtesy Joseph Carnevale

Taken from dizzying heights, his photos quickly went viral though his identity remained a mystery.

In an exclusive interview with KPLU, daredevil photographer Joseph Carnevale shared what drives him to climb skyscrapers and snap photos from dizzying heights. 

4. Seattle Named Hardest-Working City in U.S.

Credit Jonathan Cooper

Give yourself a huge pat on the back, Seattle!

Seattle topped the list of the hardest-working cities in the U.S., according to a ranking released by Movoto, a national real-estate blog. Movoto used seven different factors of "elbow grease" for the ranking. 

"Seattle is trying to make us all look bad," says the blog.

3. Home Canning Hobby Leads to Near-Fatal Medical Emergency

When Mike O’Connell woke up with double vision, the 67-year-old thought it was the result of a recent eye surgery. Then when his leg felt rubbery, he feared he was having a stroke. 

Doctors in the ER thought it was a stroke, too. But what O'Connell was experiencing was botulism, a potentially fatal paralytic illness that results from contaminated food.

2. Hear What A Familiar Tune Sounds Like With a Hearing Implant

Credit National Institute of Health

Cochlear implant, a bionic inner ear that allows deaf or hearing-impaired people to hear speech—albeit in kind of a robot voice, can be a lifesaver for people without hearing. But when it comes to music, this very practical device can’t carry a tune to save its life (proof: here's how a famous Simon and Garfunkel song sounds).

But thanks to one University of Washington engineering professor and his colleagues, listening to music just got a little more pleasant for those with cochlear implants.

1. Schultz Defends Starbucks' Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Credit University of Denver

It happened during Starbucks' annual shareholders meeting back in March. 

When a shareholder suggested Starbucks' support of same-sex marriage — and the resulting boycott by opponents — bled the company of value, CEO Howard Schultz spoke up in defense of the company's stance. 


And what was your favorite story of 2013? Tell us in the comment section below.