2 in Wash. Accused of Silk Road Drug Sales

Oct 8, 2013

Federal authorities have accused two people in the Seattle area of selling cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine via the now-shuttered online marketplace Silk Road.

Steven Lloyd Sadler of Bellevue and Jenna M. White of Renton have both been released from custody pending court appearances later this month.

The secret Silk Road website gained notoriety as a black market drug bazaar that accepted bitcoins, an electronic currency, before federal authorities shut it down last week.

A complaint filed in federal court in Seattle says investigators identified Sadler and White after asking postal clerks in SeaTac to be on the lookout for a woman identified in surveillance video as being associated with certain suspect packages. One clerk managed to get the license plate of her car, which authorities said they traced to Sadler and White's condominium in Bellevue.

They say Sadler was one of Silk Road's top sellers.

Sadler's lawyer said Tuesday he could not comment, and White's lawyer did not return a message from The Associated Press.