April Baer

N3 Reporter

Washington's Fish and Wildlife Commission has approved a management plan for what one member called the most controversial and complex issue the Commission has ever dealt with: wolf management.

The number and distribution of breeding pairs in Washington's growing wolf population is key. The amended plan calls for four breeding pairs in Eastern Washington, four each in the North and South Cascades, and 3 more pairs anywhere in the state. If more are found, the plan calls for stepping up management actions, like moving wolves around or shooting animals who prey on cattle.

PORTLAND - Protesters gathered Thursday in downtown Portland for a demonstration in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The protest drew people from different traditions. A number were relatively new to the Portland protest scene. Jordan Ladoux (lah-DOO) says he’s concerned about American government and the economy.

Jordan Ladoux "I've understood for a long time the way our society works doesn't work for most people. More than anything I just want to get my voice out there, that that's what I think. What we're doing isn't working."

Oregon license plate
Amy Groark / Flickr

The Washington State Patrol has revived a unit of officers to pursue a distinct class of lawbreakers: people living in the state who’ve retained license plates from Oregon or elsewhere.