In November 2014, we released a new and improved KPLU online player built on a responsive design. This means that the player will adjust to give you an optimum listening experience, regardless of what device you are using to listen. Our player no longer uses Adobe Flash technology, which means it will play on any mobile device, unlike our previous versions.

What is the "Player of Your Choice"?

This stream is for iTunes and similar players. To use in iTunes, copy this link,, and in iTunes go to "Advanced > Open Stream..." and copy in the URL. This stream is our On-Air Broadcast, meaning you hear exactly what you would hear on the radio.

How do I stream on an Internet Radio Device?

To stream on an Internet Radio Device, you can trying entering in one of the following URLs. Depending on the device, it may accept only certain formats.

We recommend using our ASX or AAC+ streams if possible, as they provide the best sound quality. The stream URLs are:

Still having troubles?

Contact KPLU's technical support