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  • Every 1 week(s) between
    January 22, 2017 and December 31, 2017
  • Sundays, 10:00 am - 11:15 am
  • $10
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  • Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Center
  • 1501 Pacific Avenue S, Suite #301
  • Tacoma, WA 98402
  • 3607547787
  • http://meditateintacoma.org

Event Description

A peaceful, contemplative time in your weekend. Join us for guided meditations and uplifting advice on how we can transform our day-to-day life into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Through developing inner peace in this way, outer peace will naturally come about. Why pray for world peace? “With compassion, we make dedications and pray to develop and maintain inner and outer peace and harmony. We know there are so many dangers and problems arising right now, war and terrible things. We try to repair, to pacify, to cause all dangers and obstacles to cease through our prayers. With compassion, we pray every day for world peace, that the people of this world will experience peaceful and happy minds and meaningful lives. “ - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, given at the opening of the US Kadampa World Peace Temple, October 2006

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